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About Community
Organization Training Programme

Building Capacities for Development , Social Justices and human Rights. - Our History.

The  community organization approach was introduced in Kenya by ANPPCAN Regional Office as an attempted to search for a methology that could respond to the inadequacies that had been found in other development approaches, these approaches had superficially responded to issues of peoples participation in their on development and did little to organize the people so that they could have structures and mechanisms that they themselves had instituted and which would ensure that their own development is sustained.

The programme was introduced in Kenyan in 1993 with a view enabling Kenyan field workers and those involved in social development understand community organization as an approach to community development and thereby enrich their skills, knowledge and attitude in working with the poor.

By September 2007 the COT Program become independent from ANPPCAN and started activities towards institutionsalization of the Co training in Kenya. Its Currently operates as an autonomous entity

The programme trains staff from various development agencies ( Government, local Authorities, NGOs and Faith Based Organizations) Working with the poor and provides a certificate course in community organization. The training enebles the pogramme to interact with communities and therefore engage in actual issues of development.



  1.  To produce and nurture committed community organizers and leaders of peoples
  2. To enhance the issue-based community organizing methodology.
  3. To build and promote working models of community organizing.
  4. To work for the acceptance of community organizing framework by policy makers and other
    decision makers.
  5. Promote participatory technologies towards influencing policy making governance,
    strengthening grassroots initiatives
  6. To engage communities in a process of building community organizations that have power to
    pursue and win justice


  • COT believes that people should have a say in the decisions that shape their lives. We trust
  • COT believes that ordinary people know best what their families and communities need and that
    their voices need to be at the center of political life. One of our basic principles is “never do for others
    what they can do for themselves.” Ordinary people, given the proper training, motivation and support
    can take extraordinary steps to improve the quality of life for their communities.
  • COT believes that when people have power they can protect the things that are important to their
    families and their communities, and that one way to have power is to build strong, broad-based,
    democratic organizations.
  • COT believes that strong democratic organizations are rooted in the needs and resources of local
  • COT believes that government can play a vital role in improving society, but that civic leaders and
    organizations need to have the power to shape policy and hold public officials accountable.
  • COT believes that family is a value that motivates participation in public life and that across
    economic levels most African families share common concerns for good schools, affordable housing,
    safe neighborhoods, high quality health care, civil rights and civic participation.
  • COT values the racial, ethnic, religious and regional diversity that has shape d our society


A Society with Empowered Communities and Leaders



As a capacity building institution, we develop, enhance and nurture capacities of community

organizers, people’s organizations and other development organizations to advance Social Justice and
Human Rights.

The COT Working/ Organizing Model

  • The Community Organization Training (COT) Programme mentors community
  • COT builds community organizations based on neighborhoods.
  • COT helps communities identify and solve local neighborhood issues before addressing
    broader issues at a city, state or national level. As a result COT federations are deeply
    rooted in local communities.
  • COT provides intensive leadership training that teaches people how to use the tools of
    democracy to improve their communities. As a result COT federations are led by ordinary
    people who have learned to successfully use the levers of power to bring resources and
    political attention to their communities.


  1. Training and developing strong community Organizers and community leaders
  2. Building effective community organizations.
  3. Promotion of issue based community organizing with consultancies.
  4. Documentation and Advocacy
  5. Linkages at all levels.
  6. Assisting people’s efforts in engaging in the electoral process.

The Community Organizer newsletter articulate the works of outstanding Community organizers. It is
produced on quarterly basis. The newsletter is also used as a tool for advocacy and information sharing.
This is a project of that was initiated in the year 2020 by Prof. Robert White and COT Programme.